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Factory 1/153 Edgecombe Road
Kyneton  VIC  3444 Australia

Telephone: 03 5422 2873

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"PRP is an Australian engineering company, who as a team of dedicated professionals capable of handling a wide range of projects with great efficiency."

A total solution

For over 25 years PRP Engineering has produced outstanding results for an array of clients throughout Australia.

Our modern workshop is equipped with a large range of versatile machines and has skilled professionals to man them. Whether you require structural steel, steel fabrication, gawk screens, new jersey barriers, concrete barriers, structural steel, bridge rails, anti-glare screens, earth moving, or a mechanical repair or maintenance job, our flexible and reliable team look forward to assisting you.

At PRP Engineering, we’re always looking for the most intelligent solution. For instance, we will work 24 hours a day on a road work or construction project to minimise the impact on your business operations.

We cut steel, but never corners

When it comes to adhering to things like OH&S guidelines, we make sure that procedures are stringently adhered to. This is very much a hallmark of the way we work. After all, you don’t get great results by cutting corners.

Registration Number CB-L 29993
Registration Number CB-L 29993
Commercial Builder - Limited
Steel Erection